Much has happened in the world of replicating skulls and skeletons since Bone Clones® began in 1993, but one thing hasn't changed and that is our commitment to accuracy and quality. In our first year of business we coined the phrase "virtually indistinguishable from the original" and it remains our motto.

When we started "cloning from real to resin" many wondered whether replicas would be accepted because they would not look "real". They commented that the few zoological replicas available were not convincing and broke easily. That became our first challenge: to make a reproduction so faithful to the original that it was, in fact, difficult to distinguish between them, and at the same make it durable.

Many years later we are pleased that Bone Clones® (the brand) has been so well accepted and used regularly in a variety of educational disciplines from anthropology to zoology. We are often told that educators now prefer, for a variety of reasons, to use replicas over natural bone and that Bone Clones® (if we may boast for a moment) were the catalyst for that change. When looking to purchase the best quality and detail in a cast of a human or animal skull or skeleton, whether extant or extinct, make sure it is a BONE CLONES® cast.

Each year Bone Clones, Inc. has explored new territory. In the beginning we reproduced primarily animal skulls, our very first being a Gorilla skull (BC-001.) After the success of our initial launchings, our customers began to ask for specific replicas they would like to see us do. Since then, we have been going where our customers have directed us to go. From the history of man in the fossil record, to evidence of trauma and pathology imbedded in the bones of modern man, from the extant to the extinct in the animal world, from the obvious to the obscure in nature - we continue to explore ways to present the information left on the bones in such accurate detail that significant knowledge can be gained from it.

Because we want Bone Clones® to be the outstanding example of any particular skull or skeleton, we always seek the best originals to work from. In the case of fossil hominids, we research and re-create based on casts made from original fossils, the latest literature and full color, life size photographs, or some combination of those materials available to the general public.

All products are hand crafted by a skilled crew in our facilities in Southern California. Using proprietary techniques for prepping and making a mold of the original material and custom- formulated polyurethane resin, we cast the finest replicas available. The final step of coloring the piece to replicate that of the original is done by our expertly trained painters. Then, of course, it proceeds to our quality control department where each cast is inspected in the minutest detail.

We wish to thank the many individuals and institutions that lend Bone Clones, Inc. original material to cast, and our customers who encourage us to press forward and who are not shy in telling us in what direction. As always, we wish to thank our staff who demonstrates uncommon dedication in the pursuit of excellence.